New Generation Electronic Shelf Labels

Thin, cheap and smart like you never thought it can be



The best ESL solution you have never seen

  • Extremely cheap
  • Incredibly durable
  • Improbably thin
  • Simply modular
  • And just better than any other.

    Smart accessories for retail practice

  • Save on unnecessary personnel
  • Increase customers loyality
  • Automate accounting and management
  • Control your stores from abroad
  • Brilliant ESL

    Energy effective shelf labels based on eInk screens and Bluetooth Low Energy radio.

    Modular, customizable, well protected and easy to install and operate, Compo E-Label price tags save you a lot money. We have electronic shelf labels of multiple sizes and many features for grocery, food, electronic, furniture retail and more...

    Supplementary Products

    Automated staff calling system integrated with store's information system, telephony and CRM lets you eliminate extra people without any impact to your customers

    Bi-directional voice link with remote staff allows you moving your consultants to a cheap location, share information desk between stores and simply reduce staff being on duty.

    Quick to Integrate

    Homogenous Bluetooth network gives many abilities of quick integration and customization. Starting from smartphone-based control for small business and up to full-scale CRM integration and high automation for great retailers.

    Our service partners with huge experience in the industry will be happy to help you integrate our products.

    Doubt about ESL? Use our E-LABEL solution for no doubts!

    Thin and nice

    Customizable form factor

    Customizable enclosure

    Ready for service integration

    Brilliant look


    Your colors


    Your functions


    Extreme robustness


    Up to 8-inch size


    Wide supplementary set



    not like other electronic shelf labels


    level of usability


    Our retail solutions

    Electronic shelf labels, calling buttons, information systems and other innovative smart store products.

    Simply customizable

    From small and medium business to a giant networks, we help you to adapt our solution to your needs seamlessly.

    • E-LABELS
    • 50% Cheaper
    • 4mm Thickness
    • 800x600 Pixels
    • 1.5, 2.3, 4, 6, 8 Inches
    • Incredible Look
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    • Homogenous Networking
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
    • 5 Years of Life Cycle
    • Smartphone Compatible
    • Interoperable
    • Easy Install
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    • Smart Supplementary Products
    • Staff Calling
    • 2-ways Intercom
    • Smart card Readers
    • Interactive Equipment
    • Next Gen Store
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    than paper


    than wire


    like a steel


    like nothing else

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