Self Service System
for retail stores based on
Compo Electronic Price Tags

Self Service System

Scan & Go system allows customer to purchase goods in the sales areas of retail stores without assistance and the participation of staff.

  • Reduces the number of staff
  • Simplifies customer communication
  • Reduces queues at the checkout
  • Personalizes the offer to the customer
  • Automates payment
  • Eliminates a significant part of human errors


Customers scan the goods all by themselvesthe moment when taking it from the shelf.

For weight goods the following choice is made:

  • Self-service check scanning.
  • Additional module attached to the self-service scales.

Payment is made by the customer on one’s own.

GO IN  —  TAKE  —  GO OUT!

Compo Scan&Go Feauters

  • Customer’s mobile phone with the preinstalled application is used. Customer does not have to take an unfamiliar device and study its interface
  • Not products, but price tags are scanned. Searching and scanning for NFC on a product is often difficult and requires long operations. The price tag is scanned instantly
  • Electronic price tags with NFC module are scanned with one touch. In the absence of an NFC module mobile phone camera is used
  • Application interface is as simple as possible and does not imply prior study
  • Payment can be made either by pressing the on-screen button or by touching the NFC reader
  • Compatible with online payment systems (Android Pay, Apple Pay and Bank Acquiring)

Advantages Scan&Go for Customer

  • Simplifies the buying process
  • Reduces the queue. Shortens the wait time
  • Accelerates selection of goods
  • Does not require interaction with staff
  • Accelerates routine operations
  • Allows not to depend on the qualifications of employees

All purchases are made with your own mobile phone!

Advantages Scan&Go for Store

  • Reduces the load on cashiers and consultants
  • Increases sales by spontaneous purchases
  • Sends detailed purchase information
  • Personalizes the customer at the time of receipt of goods
  • Expands merchandising opportunities
  • Allows the use of multiple inputs and outputs

No extra devices. Minimum overhead. Almost no investment.

Advantages Scan&Go for Bank

  • Acquiring (not necessarily coincide with the offline part of the store acquiring)
  • Crediting the customer “On the fly“
  • Profiling and collecting customer data

Compo Offers

  • Scan & Go functionality is free for all customers of Compo electronic price tags (without the need for integration and processing)
  • Interface for integration with retailers’ mobile Apps
  • Profiling and collecting customer data

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